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Celia bx1


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Celia x Smile 

In loving memory of Oldtimer1.


An incredibly rare treat, straight out of the Oldtimer1 cookbook. For serious growers & smokers only!


Celia is an Oldtimer1 clone-only mother line, and mother to the much revered seed line Smile. Celia started life as a Haze x Skunk called HL (Or in the words of ot1 “Was it HD?”), the genetics of which come from a time that predates their introduction to Holland, and from a time when the handle meant what they did, rather than a particular type. A later cross by Mr Soul, made using a brother to the infamous Princess (but was never marketed, as it grew too tall) was used to pollinate HL creating what we know as Celia. Oldtimer1 crossed Celia to Camden Poison, a squat fast flowering indica dominant hybrid variety bred in North London, and released Smile in 2008 to much acclaim amongst UK growers.


Coming with a soaring sativa high like all Oldtimer1 releases what makes Celia and her daughters so special are their motivational, energetic highs the likes of which are not readily found in available cannabis genetics. Complex and coming on like a rollercoaster, Celia and her daughters will make your heart beat and your palms sweat, the energy bubbling up inside you until it feels like its going to escape! If you haven’t got a to-do list, and polished it off,  you’ll be writing one! Not the kind of thing you’ll want to smoke before bed, unless you want to be up all night watching The Sopranos for the 15th time.


Smile was described as “prozac from seed” as it did what prozac ought to do, over the years it has become apparent that medicinal users who suffer from mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and cluster B and C disorders have found relief in this unique quality of high. Upon progeny testing it became apparent that this alleviating quality was dominant in all of the individuals.


Aromas range from spicey and musky, all the way through to tropical fruits like papaya, mangos and everything in-between.

Flowering time is 10 weeks, +/- 1 week

Stretch ranges from 100 – 300%.


This back cross is the first step in multiple projects and is available to honour the life of Oldtimer1.


Priced at £80 per pack of 12 regular seeds